Kara Nothnagel
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Hi there, my name is Kara.

A couple of things about me—I’m married and a mom of two. We live in London, which is where I was born, but if I’m honest, my heart nation is South Africa. That is the place I was found and shaped in some of the most significant ways, not least because it was the place we became parents. I unashamedly love Jesus and have done - albeit imperfectly - for over 25 years. 

So, my favourite thing is being a wife and mom but in our spare time my hubby and I get to live life with and pastor a beautiful tribe of guys and girls at our local church. We also own our own business, Pure Identity.

I would like to be honest with you and say that writing comes easily to me. I love words! Well crafted, timely words stop me in my tracks every time. The Bible says that in the beginning was the Word, and from the beginning, words brought forth life.


However, putting my words out for the world to see does not come easily at all. It fact, it’s quite torturous for me. My whole life, I have battled with walking the tension line between excellence and perfectionism. At times, that battle has left me paralysed. When I write for other people (as in ghost write), I never have this battle. Firstly, this is because I only write for people who ask me, so I know I haven’t promoted myself. Secondly, no matter what I write, if it is for someone else, they are ultimately responsible for those words. Thirdly, the people I write for are people I have known well for years and years, so I can actually hear their voices in my head as I write. 
Cut to me trying to write for myself and that is a whole other story! I have written journals since I was 10 and those pages are precious to me because they are the story of His grace in my life, through it all. But, I never had a desire to let other people in on my words. The decision to do that has come out of many moments of me on my knees, in tears, as I have felt the spirit of God speak to my spirit over and over again and say, “This is part of what I have for you and the time is now.” There is a song that we used to sing in church that said, “Lord, I am not my own/No longer my own/Living now for you/And everything I think/All I say and do/Is for you, my Lord.” That has been my heartfelt prayer for my whole life. It still is. I have definitely got it all wrong and messed it up over and over again. But the truth is, I love Jesus and my life is His.  So, when He says to me, “the time is now,” even if it feels like I’m dying in the process, I try to choose the words of He who went before me and say, “but not my will, your will be done.” 

So, if it is such a battle, why publish a blog?!

On my 27th birthday, a dear friend said to me: “I see you sitting at a desk and above the desk is a frame and it’s full of quotes that you have saved…and I hear a voice saying ‘The time is now. It’s time to write.”’ Laughter and tears followed because those were my Father’s familiar words for me, spoken again at just the right time. And so, here I am. It’s out of obedience and out of the obedience has come the desire.

I often get asked about being a wife and a mom and about how to live life well. I spend time sharing about the life God has given us and the condition of the human heart, but I'm by no means an expert: just a girl with a story marked by grace.  

So, that is what you will find here.

Although my name is on this blog, my life has been built on a platform that I have not earned or qualified for. It’s a gift from fathers and mothers who have gone before me and who have loved me to the place where I feel ready to 'press publish' and I honour them for it. Peter and Shelley, Louis and Edna, Alex and Dorcas, Andre and Marike... because of your love, support and challenge, my story landed in victory and not defeat. To my friends who relentlessly champion me on: when I write, I imagine that I'm just sitting with you, talking about life, which is so rich because of each of you. 

My hope is that this will be a space where you will find common themes from your own life; let it be here where you will uncover truth and be inspired and uplifted.

So, friend, thanks for stopping by.

With all my love, Kara x