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I've introduced you to Marissa as 'Grace', because she is full of it and she has been her life captured by the Grace of Jesus. 'Creative', because she has more creativity in her little finger than most people do in their entire body; and 'Pheonix" because as I have watched Marissa run her race is has been like watching a Pheonix rise from the ashes and absolutely soar in beautiful technicolour. I hope that this glimpse into her story will cause you to rise above anything that may have tried to burn you. 

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THIRTY ONE: days are some of the best in my opinion. This issue is jam packed with pure gold. Right from Ps. Edna's powerful Power Note all the way through the stunning articles written by women I love and esteem. Edna challenges us to "refuse to allow smallness to enter our thinking." And dares us to "enter into the spacious wide-open life". And for me, my contribution to this issue, was just that. A refusal to give into smallness, or to stay quiet in the process and journey of life.

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Yes, my all time favourite magazine has a fresh issue for us and it's gorgeous. 

Edna, doesn't waste anytime in getting us to dive deep into truth. She beautifully and vulnerably bares her heart which is something I so honour in her. She isn't afraid to open up her life, so that others can walk in freedom. This issue like all the rest is full of treasure founded by precious women who have been willing to go on a life long adventure with God.

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I always love featuring THIRTY ONE: magazine on here. I feel like a little kid jumping up and down saying "Have you seen this?! Do you know about it?! Have you read THIRTY ONE:?!" but that is because scattered through this magazine are solid gold truths that will change truly your life. Stories from everyday, but far from average women who have seen God do exceedingly above anything they could think of or imagine.

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Oh, hey! The new issue of THIRTY ONE: Magazine is out now and this one is extraordinary! As Edna says so well in her Power Note, as we get glimpse into the lives of different women from different continents we realise "these are not lightweight contenders in the arena of life! In them is a weightiness in the Spirit that is not casually acquired, and that weightiness earmarks so many of their lives, regardless of ages and stages!"

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Sherah has faced fears, embraced challenges and found her place in the world with a heart that loves to travel, but yet is deeply rooted in something immovable. When you get to know where she has come from you will understand why she finds her place among the beautiful brave. She is someone who loves to travel and yet for a long time, it wasn't just her legs that were restless, but her heart as well. The true essence of Sherah's bravery is found in her allowing God to place boundaries in her life and in doing so, finding a wide open space in which she can run free. I hope that this glimpse into her world will cause you to make brave and creative choices of your own.

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The THIRTY ONE: Team have again done an absolutely stunning job. This month not only do we get another Powernote From Edna but we meet the beautiful Cara van Shalkwyk and are graced with inspiring articles by some of my favourite women in the world. It is a humbling privilege to share the pages with women who to me are legendary.

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Let me tell you about why Anne is brave. There are many reasons! But one of them is that she chooses to believe in fallen, flawed people and in doing so, she unlocks the gold in them. In all the time I have known her, she has also embraced challenge, chosen to stand up when life has knocked her down and layed down many a personal dream in response to the sovereign call on her life - the latter being why not only has she captured my heart, but commands my respect. And although it is cheesy, she really does leave a little sparkle wherever she goes. So ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Anne.

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This is a series dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating individuals who display great courage in the way they live their lives and impact their world. I have heard it said that "comparison is the thief of joy" and it is a terrible thing particularly among women. There is also so much negativity online, where people seem to feel free to say whatever they want, no matter how unkind. I am hoping that this series will add to growing a culture of celebration, kindness and inspiration.

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This blog has been a long time coming and I am so excited to be finally pressing publish. Writing has always been my primary art form and towards the end of 2014 I felt the message coming through loud and clear that the time is now to put my words out there for others to read.It is my hope that you will find amidst these words simple truth and authentic stories always penned with and motivated by grace.

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