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Sherah and I first met in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa in the January of 2012. Sherah was a student of ours in the VGY Leadership Academy. What followed was a fun, purposeful and sometimes challenging year of jumping into the relationship God had put before us. It was a year which started off as us being student and leader, but ending in us being honest friends, creative collaborators and kindred shopaholics who can take down any mall you put in our way!


Since then, I have watched with great admiration as this dear friend has faced fears, embraced challenges and found her place in the world with a heart that loves to travel, but yet is deeply rooted in something immovable. When you get to know where she has come from you will understand why she finds her place among the beautiful brave. She is someone who loves to travel and yet for a long time, it wasn't just her legs that were restless, but her heart as well. The true essence of Sherah's bravery is found in her allowing God to place boundaries in her life and in doing so, finding a wide open space in which she can run free.

I hope that this glimpse into her world will cause you to make brave and creative choices of your own.

What is your definition of bravery?

To be brave is to face fears, rise to challenges and move beyond what you thought was possible in and of yourself.

Tell me a little about your journey as an artist.

I fell in love with photography while travelling the world; where my camera became a tool to capture what had captured me. I found I had an eye for it and a creativity that developed the more I learned, tried, failed and succeeded. Through my foray in photography, I've come to realize my God-given creativity, passion and excitement for many forms of art, media and design.

I still feel like I'm at the beginning of this journey into discovering my creativity in its different forms and how Father might want to work in and through me creatively in the future.

What has been the most significant shift that has taken place in your life in the last 18 months?

I think the most significant shift in my life in the past 18 months has been a greater intimacy with Father. It's been my greatest challenge and joy as I seek to go deeper with Him. I've had some trials in my life that I can only overcome by His Presence. Through that desperation in my heart, I've found a one-on-one place. A secret place. One that's only ours and one I haven't known before. There is so much more, I've but scratched the surface, but it's changed me completely.

Growing up, what woman/women did you aspire to be like?

One woman I definitely aspired to be like growing up (and still do) is my mom. She is so loving, generous and kind! She never ceases to amaze me with her willingness to rise to challenges, embrace change, travel the world, and buck the trend.

I've always been drawn to women who were challenging the expectations put on them, laying down their lives for a cause, traveling to far flung places and who've laid their lives down for Jesus.

What or who has been a source of courage and inspiration to you?

There are two specific women who come to mind.

Jackie is a dear friend of mine who I met while in Africa in 2010. She has lived her life in Rwanda with more courage than anyone else I know!


The trials this woman has faced and the challenges she continues to face never rock her faith in God and His goodness. She is joyful despite circumstance and fully surrendered to His plan for her and her family. I am always inspired by her she makes me believe I can be courageous in my own circumstances like she has been in hers.

Teresa is my spiritual mother and mentor. She has incredible inner strength, a deep sensitivity to Father's voice, a courageous spirit and a wisdom far beyond her years. She inspires me to be more like Jesus and is the definition of a life laid down for the King and His Kingdom. With her love and heart poured into my life, I find courage, inspiration and someone to follow.

Who would you nominate to be listed among the beautiful brave?

I would nominate Anne Huang, Marike von Mollendorf, Marissa McCann, Liezl Louw, Deborah Gilwit and Jenna Crumback to be listed.

You can follow Sherah's creative journey on Instagram.

Title Photo and Portrait of Jackie: Sherah Krause

Portrait of Sherah: Jenna Crumback

Title Design: Kara Nothnagel