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Simple. Authentic. Grace.

Have you ever been there? Feeling as though you are in a never-ending period of transition with no end in sight? I found myself wrestling with this thought—where will I be at the end of all this? I still want to be ‘me’ and recognise who that is. Darkness and silence are sifters: they reveal to you who you are and who you’re not, what you believe and what you don’t. Somehow, you know the only fruitful way through it, is to do just that—go through it. Not try and side step it, or go around it, or duck out of it…but walk through it.

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When sitting down to write this article, all I could think about was writing a letter to a friend. A friend who is tired, worn out and feels at the end of themselves. Or perhaps a friend who has their make-up on and is smiling brilliantly but falling apart on the inside.

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Hi there friends, how has your January been? Maybe you are organised, ready, full of vision and excitement for the New Year or perhaps you are still settling in. At the close of 2017 I had to do some serious heart work in order to face this coming year. A lot of those changes haven't been easy, but I must be honest and say that I am already reaping the benefits. Based on the process I put myself through, I have put together few tips on how to approach your year in terms of living well.

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NEW TIME | 2018

Beginnings and endings have always been important to me. I am a big fan of finished chapters and fresh starts. But I must admit, I found myself experiencing nothing but anxiety as last year came to a close. I could feel the pressure to set goals, be “ready” as well as excited and motivated. But I wasn’t. I realised that, I actually needed to rest and allow my body time to recover, my mind time be still and my spirit time to settle in and just be content in my being. In light of my these needs I decided that I would allow myself the first week of January to get ready. 

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When I hear the word “trust”, I cannot help but think about relationships. Trust is both the necessary bridge for building relationships and the glue that keeps them together during periods of pressure, strain or disappointment. Looking at my life I have learned that there is something integral about the journey toward living well and the need for trustworthy friends who help you get there.

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HOPE | DAY 4 OF 31

Sometimes at the end of a long hard journey we can compliment the adventurer who undertook it and say “you did well” or when someone passes away after a difficult illness we say they “shame, they did so well”. I once did a mountain climb that I was convinced was going to kill me! At the end of the climb, people said to me, “you did so well!”. But, upon reflection I know that what they meant was, “You made it”. 

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I've introduced you to Marissa as 'Grace', because she is full of it and she has been her life captured by the Grace of Jesus. 'Creative', because she has more creativity in her little finger than most people do in their entire body; and 'Pheonix" because as I have watched Marissa run her race is has been like watching a Pheonix rise from the ashes and absolutely soar in beautiful technicolour. I hope that this glimpse into her story will cause you to rise above anything that may have tried to burn you. 

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In today's world many many people do not consider themselves to be people of faith and therefore not people who worship. But looking at this scripture it makes me think... worship is not so much about lifting your hands to songs, or bowing down before alters. However, worship is much more about the things that not only grab and hold your affection, but also your resources - emotional and physical. We invest in what we love, in what holds our affection. But the word treasure... that takes it a step further. I asked myself, what do I treasure?

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THIRTY ONE: days are some of the best in my opinion. This issue is jam packed with pure gold. Right from Ps. Edna's powerful Power Note all the way through the stunning articles written by women I love and esteem. Edna challenges us to "refuse to allow smallness to enter our thinking." And dares us to "enter into the spacious wide-open life". And for me, my contribution to this issue, was just that. A refusal to give into smallness, or to stay quiet in the process and journey of life.

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