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THIRTY ONE: days are some of the best in my opinion. This issue is jam packed with pure gold. Right from Ps. Edna's powerful Power Note all the way through the stunning articles written by women I love and esteem. Edna challenges us to "refuse to allow smallness to enter our thinking." And dares us to "enter into the spacious wide-open life". And for me, my contribution to this issue, was just that. A refusal to give into smallness, or to stay quiet in the process and journey of life.

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Transition and Mobility. These seem to be words that sum up our life as a family. Growing up the British middle class cultural model around me was very much this: At 18 you finish school, maybe take a gap year, go to university and then travel and then get a job because getting married is a serious commitment and then it is time to settle down, get a house and start filling said house with children and things. I’m not saying that this is right or wrong, but that was pretty much the vibe at the time.

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