Kara Nothnagel
Simple Authentic Living




Kara has a way with words. A way of putting into words, some of our deepest longings, questions and desires; and articulating them in such a way that many times, reading her views is like switching on a light.  Her gentle and encouraging way always leads back to the Word and the One who ultimately inspires and leads her. Kara’s writing can be summed up by Proverbs 16:24 : Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

— Mikaile bester, South Africa


I’ve had the privilege of knowing Kara for almost ten years and in that time she’s been a close friend and mentor to me through many different seasons of life. Authenticity is her hallmark and it’s that which enables her to be the incredible wife & mother that she is. Whether you want to meet for personal mentoring, business coaching or even just a chat with a friend, I could not recommend a more qualified individual. There is so much to learn from just a cup of tea with this incredible woman and I guarantee you’ll leave with a positive perspective change.

— yasmin li, United Kingdom

When Kara writes, she doesn't write from first imagination. She writes from the deep wells of experience, knowledge and intimacy with her Lover; Kara has a way of writing lyrical tales of things that are difficult for us to put in to words - she always finds a way to turn it around so that we can see the light, touch the gold and rejoice at the happy ending!

— Menaka Rajapakse, Sri Lanka


Kara has this gift of not just mesmerising you with her wisdom and multidimensional perceptions, but of also making every chunk of gold that she releases in her writing, digestible to the reader. It is relatable, real, challenging and releases a magnitude of fresh revelation. Her writing always leaves you with a surreal sense of fullness, and yet a desire for more.

— mari swanepoel, south africa