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PARK | DAY 15 OF 31

This largely unedited free-write is linking up with the Write 31 Days Challenge. // indicates the start and stop of five minutes. The prompt word for today under the 31 Days of Five Minute Fridays is PARK. Ready, Steady, Go...

//The word for today is 'park' and so much of what people have written is about parks. Physical beautiful green spaces, inundated with beautiful trees, flowers and memories. But as soon as I saw the word, the picture that came into my head, was of a car, and the gear shifting into park. And it made me think - where are you parked?

Where are you parked right now? Is your life moving, or is it parked? Are your dreams unfolding, or are there some that you have parked in the parking lot of impossibility? Where is your mind parked? Is it parked in hope, joy and peace? Or is it parked in pessimism and grumbling? Do you feel like you are parked? Or have you got a flat tire of disappointment and so you're just stuck?

Looking back there are so many moments where wish I could have just parked, so to savour the moment all the more. Like my wedding day. Specifically the moment we made our vows. I could have parked in my husbands eyes forever.

And the nights that my children were born and it felt like eternity had just invaded the present as a new and tiny life came into the world.// The smell of their skin, the sound of their breathing. The love that exploded in me, that felt so consuming it was almost dangerous.

Or evenings in church celebrations where we would worship and lift up a sound to our King and He would move and set people free and the atmosphere would spark electric, knowing that God, the God of the universe was present with us and that Majesty was in the room - and that we are loved by Him.

These are moments where I wish I could park and just slow down the clock, to remember them a little longer. And I pray for the courage to know when not to park, but to accelerate and move even if it is painful, or hard, or scary; and the wisdom to discern when I have parked and when I am just stuck.

Who knew so much could spring from one little word?!

Thanks for stopping by, K xx

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31 Days of 5 minute Fridays

31 Days of 5 minute Fridays

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