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A very happy new year to you friends!

I hope that your Christmas was wonderful and that your new year is looking bright and beautiful.

This was probably one of the best Christmases I have ever had, not because of the gifts I received, but because of the deep peace we felt throughout the whole season. With this new year has come a renewed sense of purpose, exciting new ventures and a clear vision for the year ahead - all things that I thrive on!

What is new for you in 2016? What are you determining to do and not do? Some of my silly new years pledges are:

  • A bad habit I'd like to break // Second guessing my creative ideas.

  • A new skill I'd like to learn // Sewing - I cannot even tell you what a non existent seamstress I am. Like, sewing on a button is about all I've got!

  • A new place I'd like to visit // Canada

  • A book I'd like to read // Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

  • A letter I'm going to write // I want to write to the Queen, to thank her for her many years of public service. I wrote to her once when I was a little girl and I recently found the reply I received from one of her ladies in waiting - so special! I still remember the feeling of seeing the royal coat of arms on the paper and the envelope being addressed to me, pure magic for a girl who at the time was very interested in being a princess!

  • A new food I'd like to try // Artichoke

After living a little in limbo, I have realised more and more the importance of being intentional with my time. Not that this means filling my time with tons of stuff, but rather keeping tabs on what I am filling it with and making sure that I spend it well! The last couple of weeks have consisted of me geeking out, with planning and preparation for the year. Daily routines, vision and goals, mentoring, creative team development- you name it there is a list for it! And with great planning comes great stationery - yes, I'm not ashamed to say it, I heart stationery.

This is my planner of choice for all things thoughtful and wellness related. I'm developing a new love relationship with these gorgeous notebooks. Each book has a specific function - blogging, finance and everyday. If you still need some help organising and visualising your year, then there is a whole host of free printable calendars online that can help you out, this is my favourite.

I am excited about 2016 and look forward to continuing to share the journey with you. One of my more serious goals is to give time to my writing, a specific time, at least once a week. So that is what I'm doing now.

Friends, I pray that your 2016 will be full of purpose, excitement, clarity, fruitfulness and wonderful people to share it with.

Thanks for stopping by, K xx