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Sherah has faced fears, embraced challenges and found her place in the world with a heart that loves to travel, but yet is deeply rooted in something immovable. When you get to know where she has come from you will understand why she finds her place among the beautiful brave. She is someone who loves to travel and yet for a long time, it wasn't just her legs that were restless, but her heart as well. The true essence of Sherah's bravery is found in her allowing God to place boundaries in her life and in doing so, finding a wide open space in which she can run free. I hope that this glimpse into her world will cause you to make brave and creative choices of your own.

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Let me tell you about why Anne is brave. There are many reasons! But one of them is that she chooses to believe in fallen, flawed people and in doing so, she unlocks the gold in them. In all the time I have known her, she has also embraced challenge, chosen to stand up when life has knocked her down and layed down many a personal dream in response to the sovereign call on her life - the latter being why not only has she captured my heart, but commands my respect. And although it is cheesy, she really does leave a little sparkle wherever she goes. So ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Anne.

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This is a series dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating individuals who display great courage in the way they live their lives and impact their world. I have heard it said that "comparison is the thief of joy" and it is a terrible thing particularly among women. There is also so much negativity online, where people seem to feel free to say whatever they want, no matter how unkind. I am hoping that this series will add to growing a culture of celebration, kindness and inspiration.

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