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Hi Friends, I am super excited to finally be able to share the new series I have been working on - The Beautiful Brave.

Quite simply this is a series dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating individuals who display great courage in the way they live their lives and impact their world. I have heard it said that "comparison is the thief of joy" and it is a terrible thing particularly among women. There is also so much negativity online, where people seem to feel free to say whatever they want, no matter how unkind. I am hoping that this series will add to growing a culture of celebration, kindness and inspiration.

The Beautiful Brave-Kara Nothnagel.jpg

Every other week I will introduce you to someone else and trust that as you meet these beautiful people and appreciate and celebrate the varied ways in which they express bravery that you will be encouraged and challenged to keep on making everyday, courageous decisions yourself.

I once heard a great speaker say that "what you celebrate you replicate". So here is to a celebration of "The Beautiful Brave", I look forward to what it causes us to replicate in our own lives.

Thanks for stopping by, K xx

Photo: Iris Dorine

Design: Kara Nothnagel