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My son has recently started Montessori School and during his first few weeks there the children have been learning about Harvest Time. The culmination of their week on harvest was the filling of a harvest box with things that had grown over the summer months and were now ready for harvest.

In the Northern Hemisphere summer is passing. Summer is the season that gives way to outdoor festivals, long drawn out afternoons that melt into golden evenings. Vacation is the word on the street and a sigh of relief is breathed as the hot summer sun warms and bronzes our skin. Summer is a hive of activity.


And then comes Autumn. As Autumn arrives the leaves on the trees begin to turn golden, red and brown. And the light turns a little paler and the days get shorter. For me, the word that best describes Autumn is ‘cozy’— it is also my favourite season to dress for! Hello gorgeous texture layers and boots! But let me not digress… Back to Harvest.

Simply put, Harvest is the process of gathering ripe crops from the fields. Reaping is the cutting of grain and pulses. Harvest also marks the end of the growing season.

As I was reading up a little on the subject I felt a tugging at my heart and a question popped up-

What have I grown over the last season that is now ready to harvest? What have I been cultivating that is ready to be pruned?

I often see how the internal seasons of my life are reflected in the physical. When I look back at times of pruning in my life it is almost like in my mind I had experienced this as a negative thing, because there was something wrong. But I was recently reminded by a wise friend and leader in my life that only trees that have produced fruit can be pruned; and that pruning is for the sole purpose of cultivating bigger, better fruit - what a mind shift!

So, this Autumn my heart is full of new anticipation and aspiration. As the leaves fall and the fields are being harvested I am excited to eat and enjoy the fruit of what summer has cultivated.

Already in my harvest box there are many words that need to be put on paper, fresh hope, creative strategy and of course, there is space for a new pair of boots!

Thanks for stopping by, K xx