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Hi there, dear friend, how are you?

I always love featuring THIRTY ONE: magazine on here. I feel like a little kid jumping up and down saying "Have you seen this?! Do you know about it?! Have you read THIRTY ONE:?!" but that is because scattered through this magazine are solid gold truths that will change truly your life. Stories from everyday, but far from average women who have seen God do exceedingly above anything they could think of or imagine.

This issue, just like its cover, is gold. As Edna says in her Power Note, Me2 Mentoring turned 16 this year and all of us who have become part of this beautiful movement are forever grateful for it.

The stand out feature of this article is our precious Dee Harris' story. You will definitely need the tissues as you read, but you should also keep a notebook next to you, because you cannot read all that Dee imparts without being shifted and changed forever. On a personal note, Dee is precious to me. She has impacted my life in a radical way, yes, with her outrageous wisdom, but more than that, with her love. Her deep love for Jesus and her deep love for people, which just so happened to wrap itself around us. Dee is a giant and hero in the faith and the story of her life, as continues to be written, does nothing short of giving glory, fame and worship to the one she calls King. 

Don't you think we live in such a privileged time? To live in a day and age where because of technology we can sit under the teaching and wisdom of giants at the click of a finger? I am, however, constantly reminded, that although the information is free, what it took for these women to acquire these revelations was costly. So, I hope as we read, enjoy, laugh and cry that we will not just applaud these women from a far, but honour their journeys by applying what they have learned to our own lives. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, K xx

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