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Hello friend,  

I hope you're well. 

Yes, my all time favourite magazine has a fresh issue for us and it's gorgeous. 

Edna, doesn't waste anytime in getting us to dive deep into truth. She beautifully and vulnerably bares her heart which is something I so honour in her. She isn't afraid to open up her life, so that others can walk in freedom. 

This issue like all the rest is full of treasure founded by precious women who have been willing to go on a life long adventure with God.

I was given the privilege of being featured in this issue, which is something I take so seriously, and often feel so unqualified to do. This article kept me up all night, for 3 nights!!! Because, what was coming out of me was something I had been carrying around for a long time. It's straight out of my heart for you and I pray it is the blessing I intended it to be. 

So there you go, Issue 7 is here, time to make tea and get comfy. 

Thanks for stopping by, K xx