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Oh, hey! The new issue of THIRTY ONE: Magazine is out now and this one is extraordinary! As Edna says so well in her Power Note, as we get glimpse into the lives of different women from different continents we realise "these are not lightweight contenders in the arena of life! In them is a weightiness in the Spirit that is not casually acquired, and that weightiness earmarks so many of their lives, regardless of ages and stages!" And although she wouldn't say it, Edna stands as one of these women in the world. Petit in stature, but tall and weighty in the spirit and she blazes the trail for generations of women coming after her. 

Among these women is my beautiful Mama, Shelley Collins. Sometimes, when we live with people day in and day out we can become over familiar with the greatness that is actually residing within our four walls. Such was the case, I realised, when I read her article. Her words caused me to stand back and go "Wow. THAT is MY Mama?!?!" And not that I didn't already do this, but I thanked God afresh for blessing my with her. But not just that, I marvelled at what God can do when a person gives their "yes" to God wholeheartedly. 

This is a a heavyweight issue, not heavy as in depressing, but heavy with the weight of wisdom and clout carved out on the anvil that is these women's hearts and lives. 

So as you read, I hope that you will not only be blessed, but deeply moved and shifted by what these women have to share. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, K xx