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Hi friends,

So, I think I blinked and somehow we ended up in February!

This year has been full of lots of things that I thought only dreams were made of. And I think firstly that is down to having a word to take hold of and run with. The vision that has been cast this year in Freedom Hill International is: FOCUS.


Every time I write it, say it or think about that word I smile. Because just saying it... Focus... Brings a stillness to my heart and a deep breath in my lungs. As I say "focus" I feel lots of pressures and tensions fall away, because I don't have to do it all! It is a quality over quantity word. It is a word that causes one to live from a posture of being proactive rather than reactive.

"God's voice. Clarity.

My response. Focus."

FOCUS also speaks to me because in nature the word is full of intentionality, specificity and definition. 

What do you feel prompted to focus on this year? Does what you are doing now, add to or take away from that focus?

As I am digesting this word I realise I am doing way more than I was previously, but the load of it feels like a lot less! I am so grateful for being aligned with the Freedom Hill International Family and for faithful leaders who bring and deliver the word in season!

As you go through this week... Say it to yourself, allow the word to resonate in your heart and see what is produces.

Thanks for stopping by, K xxx

Photo Credit: 'Focus' photographs and artwork - Victory Church