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write 31 day challenge


I love a challenge.

So… I’m super excited to be part of the Write 31 Days Challenge.

31 Days is an online writing challenge started by home blogger, Myquillyn Smith (The Nester), and now hosted by Crystal Stine, where bloggers pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day for 31 days… Challenge accepted!

Over the next 31 days I am going to write about the things I feel are key to living well. We know that everyone lives, but not many people seem to live well. However, I believe we were made for a life that is full to the brim of life - abundant life! I am by no means an expert or perfect, I am on the journey. However, this is a topic that keeps me up late at night thinking and it causes me to get up in the morning with joy and focus. I really hope that you are blessed and that you will join in the conversation with me. 

So the challenge:

Write EVERY DAY for 31 days
Using a word prompt TO FRAME MY THOUGHTS’.
Cannot. Wait.

So friends, welcome to:

31 days of living well

I’m ready…

You can find the details of the Write 31 Days challenge here.

Thanks for stopping by, K xx