Kara Nothnagel
Simple Authentic Living


Simple. Authentic. Grace.



Ridden over by perfection

Brushing aside the author of original

Too often plagued by perfect

The crushing weight of the trends and tides

You seek to be authentic, but yet so much altered, so much covered

Everything straight, no curls or curves

Everything white, no colour, nor shade

Nothing that wrinkles or frizzes

What is your word? What is the word that buzzes unbeautiful


Made to reflect

Made to resonate

Made to reimage

But who, what?

So embarrassed and ashamed of humanity

And yet humanity is a jewel to the deity

Every curve - the artist’s stroke

Every wrinkle - a timeline of grace

A vapour, a breath, is the experience of life

Rest in the rest of the artisan author

Step back into waters unforced yet untamed

Step forward into that for which you were framed

- Kara Nothnagel



Image borrowed from: http://www.aliciakeys.com.br/2012/