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Welcome to "31 Days of Words to Love By." For the next 31 days, I am working my way through my Pinterest board of quotes and writing down my thoughts about each one – what they spark, where they lead me, and how they apply to every day life... I will be putting a Five Minute Friday spin on it, by writing for 5 minutes, free flowing and unedited. This largely unedited free-write is linking up with the annual Write 31 Days Challenge. // indicates the start and stop of five minutes. //

Today's quote: You've taught my feet to dance upon disappointment.

//In the last week, I have had the opportunity to 'Dance on the Disappointments' of my life in a major way. You see, my teenage years ended cloaked in guilt, shame, and a sense of deep, deep disappointment. Where had the hope, innocence, and joy of my childhood gone? A lot of it was stolen; a lot of it I gave away.

As I walked out of my high school, I made a vow to never enter that place again. And I hadn't. That is, until last week.

In recent years, I have found my freedom and liberty and have shaken off so much condemnation and judgement. But not, perhaps, the disappointment.

Then last week, I walked through the gates of my old high school—the metaphorical ground zero of my life—and told a precious group of students my God-story. That was the dancing part! Going in and standing on top of ground that once, just nearly, swallowed me up. Jumping on the head of fear and every voice in my head that told me "no."

Sometimes, that's what it takes. Going back, either physically or emotionally, to where the pain nearly swallowed you and deliberately, unashamedly dancing.//

There is an incredible Scripture in the Bible that says "He has made everything beautiful in His time." And He has. He really has. He keeps on doing that in my life.

Visiting my school and proclaiming the infinite goodness, kindness, and mercy of a super loving God was like having beautiful flowers spring up out of the once muddy and empty soil of my past.

The most precious thing was watching little eyes and hearts light up, and seeing tears of relief, empathy, and deliverance role down their cheeks. Someone else had been there and now knew the way out.

A dear and precious woman in my life once told me that, "The purpose of disappointment is to take you out of rank." Dis-appointment. To remove you from your life's appointment. To try to remove your role from the narrative.

But, you matter. And your part matters. Your story, even the painful parts, maybe especially the painful parts, can become the key to someone else's freedom and hope. Don't step out of rank. Stand. Keep standing. Call on others to stand with you when you just can't anymore.

Dear friend, the sick feeling that disappointment can stir in your stomach is no joke. But, I hope you will be inspired when I say that, "Dancing on disappointment, whatever form that may take for you... There is nothing like it!!!"

So dance baby, dance.

There is a melody found in the presence of Father God. Sometimes it's gentle, sometimes it's like a rousing anthem just calling for you to dance. Dance again. Dance like no one is watching.

Thanks for stopping by, K xx

Write 31 Days Kara Nothnagel

Write 31 Days Kara Nothnagel

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