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I often say "I hate feeling like the day is happening to me!". You know that feeling of constantly being on the back foot? It's like you are ill prepared for everything and a victim to all of the external things that act on you.  I want to feel like I am happening to the day. I am prepared, relaxed, intentional and able to enjoy all the things I do without that underlying level of panic, where I feel I'm not prepared for what is coming next.

Steven Covey says "Your life doesn't just "happen." Whether you know it or not, it is carefully designed by you." But how often do we act like a victim of a life designed by someone else, rather than one we have chosen?



"Your life doesn't just "happen."

- Steven Covey

There are obviously seasons of exception. Seasons where life does happen - having a new baby, loss and those shock events that no one can foresee. During these times just making it through the day is a win! We have all been there. But these should be the exception. It is not healthy to live in a habitual pattern of trying to keep up with life or surviving life rather than living your life.

Don't let your day happen to you. Happen to your day.

Depending on your personality type intentional living may manifest itself in different ways. If you are like me it often involves reasoning from my values, lists, a planner and a commitment to being accountable for the goals I set myself. But I believe intentionality starts first in the heart and mind, along with a sober commitment to not giving in to a victim mentality that says "everything happens to me". But rather, taking responsibility so that real change can happen and an intentional, full life is lived.

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