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HOPE | DAY 4 OF 31

Sometimes at the end of a long hard journey we can compliment the adventurer who undertook it and say “you did well” or when someone passes away after a difficult illness we say they “shame, they did so well”. I once did a mountain climb that I was convinced was going to kill me! At the end of the climb, people said to me, “you did so well!”. But, upon reflection I know that what they meant was, “You made it”. 

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TELL | DAY 2 OF 31

Whatever you do don’t tell… If you do that I’ll tell everyone… I’m going to tell on you… You can’t tell them that or they’ll…

I cannot tell you how may times in my life I have heard these chilling sentences and I hate to admit how many years I allowed myself to be bound in guilt, fear and condemnation because I was afraid to 'tell'.

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I've introduced you to Marissa as 'Grace', because she is full of it and she has been her life captured by the Grace of Jesus. 'Creative', because she has more creativity in her little finger than most people do in their entire body; and 'Pheonix" because as I have watched Marissa run her race is has been like watching a Pheonix rise from the ashes and absolutely soar in beautiful technicolour. I hope that this glimpse into her story will cause you to rise above anything that may have tried to burn you. 

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In today's world many many people do not consider themselves to be people of faith and therefore not people who worship. But looking at this scripture it makes me think... worship is not so much about lifting your hands to songs, or bowing down before alters. However, worship is much more about the things that not only grab and hold your affection, but also your resources - emotional and physical. We invest in what we love, in what holds our affection. But the word treasure... that takes it a step further. I asked myself, what do I treasure?

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THIRTY ONE: days are some of the best in my opinion. This issue is jam packed with pure gold. Right from Ps. Edna's powerful Power Note all the way through the stunning articles written by women I love and esteem. Edna challenges us to "refuse to allow smallness to enter our thinking." And dares us to "enter into the spacious wide-open life". And for me, my contribution to this issue, was just that. A refusal to give into smallness, or to stay quiet in the process and journey of life.

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I never wanted to be a common girl. Or have a common life. There has always been something in me that has yearned for the uncommon. The unchartered. The undiscovered. However, to live a life that is uncommon, one must reject the lure of the common. And what is common in your world? Settling. Gossip. Comparison. Insecurity. Negativity. Materialism. Appearance. Small minded thinking. Comfort. The uncommon life requires a shedding of all that is familiar and all that feels safe. And an embracing of... New.

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I think settling for a "survival mode" existence might well be one of the most frightening prospects in life to me. There has always been something in me that has gravitated and longed for the epic. The meaningful. The sense of being part of a grande narrative, where each chapter matters. Post modernism basically taught us, that there is no grand narrative. What you see, is what you get and then it's over. But...

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What do you think about yourself? How do you think about yourself? Can you even bear to think about it? I am continually blown away by how quickly I can assassinate myself in my mind if I'm not careful. Sometimes the most damning words over our lives are not from others, but actually from ourselves. You're not good enough. You're not smart enough. If only you hadn't have done.... If only you had... And before you know it, your thoughts are in a spiral of negativity and accusation.

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Events that I never thought I would see in my lifetime... have happened. And then, on the day that Brexit happened, I remember the penny dropped for me in a fresh way. I need Thee EVERY hour. And no matter WHAT is happening in the world, or who is in power, or how dark the days... or how good life feels, or how well I am doing, or if there is an abundance of money in the bank. No matter the season, my need for God doesn't change. Because every breath of my life is held together by His grace.

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